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Internship at PSV Eindhoven in february 2018

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If I had to sum up David’s profile in a few words, I would choose: application, eager to learn, tireless. He is a young player with his head on his shoulders and has the means to achieve his objectives. He always asks for more and is always attentive to instructions. He goes beyond simple exercise goals, he always wants to beat them! Beyond his technical qualities above the average for his age, David is also and especially a player who progresses quickly and well.


For example, it took him only minutes to set his level to that of a semi-professional on coordination courses… Really impressive.


Cédric, the coach

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My career

I started playing football early, around the age of three and a half years at club Pusignan (Rhône-Alpes region near Lyon). This sport proved very fast to be my true passion and today from the top of my young age, I can’t live without it! Since 2014, I joined the club Olympique Lyonnais. I owe this place in this football club especially to Jean-Luc Lascone, the president of my former club (ES Genas Azieu Football).He was the one who spotted me! After that, I left the OL club to go in a training centre named Pôle Espoir in the city of Dijon. I made several intership all around Europe cities and I’m playing now since 2017 for FC Bourgoin Jallieu in U15 Elite category…


“We saw that he had a lot of qualities, he is skillful with both feet and plays for others. This little one is very interesting and has a good vision of the game. We contacted the OL who already followed him and that accelerated things. He then passed successfully a test during a tournament …”


August 2016

David Zeitoun is a real hope for football. With only 13 years old, this young football player is very talented and he quickly progresses from year to year! We see this by measuring his performance each month during training sessions at Pôle Espoir in Dijon. His internship at Real Madrid, the club with the greatest players of the moment (Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane …), was the revelation: David has successfully passed the tests of the Real Madrid Campus Experience!


David is a motivated person who has the spirit of football in him. He plays primarily for his team and with respect for his opponents. There is no denying it, this young soccer player has his head on his shoulders.

2 sec 20

10 meters from standing start without ball

2 sec 36

10 meters from standing start with ball

The David Zeitoun


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